The project Pingisglädje "Joy of table tennis"

The project Pingisglädje wants to spread the joy of table tennis to children. It all started with at the dinner table with a conversation about how fortunate we are here in Sweden and that some children don´t have the same possibilities.

Kevin wants to make a difference and so the project got the name Pingisglädje - Swedish for Joy of Table Tennis.

Kevin is 12 years old and simply LOVES to play table tennis.

He plays for the table tennis club Ängby SK in Stockholm and he gets to travel the world doing what he loves. Now he wants to spread the joy to other countries.

In August Kevin will travel to India together with his family to visit a school.

About 600 children go to and live at Panchsheel school. These tribal children come from poor conditions and cannot afford regular school.

Through donations, sponsors and recycling of cans we are trying to raise money to give them the possibility to play table tennis. We hope to donate 4 tables and necessary equipment.

How can you help?


Do you want to donate to the project? Please use Paypal and email address 

If you live in Sweden, Swish to 0708 91 72 81


We are searching for companies that can help the project succeed. 

We are in big need of table tennis equipment and lottery prizes. Please get in touch with us if you want to help Kevin spread the joy!

How much have we raised?

20 340 SEK